Vector design is the art of creating a vector in a very different but simple and beautiful way. The designs produced are simple, but the process involved is complex. The tools involved in painting can be used without restrictions. Our skilled workers love their work and are dedicated to producing some art of its kind.

The designs, which we create, are made of a few unique and functional materials. Although the images are small compared to Bitmap images, the final image can be scaled up or down. Make sure the quality and resolution of the images will not be affected. We can enhance your images at any level by using Photoshop with our skilled staff.

The images presented are used for a number of purposes including recording, silk filtering or screen printing. There is a need for experts in producing high quality vector images. Fortunately, we have an eye for those professionals. Our artists are able to create art that is perfect for the camera. We have all the resources needed to create a complete vector art. Our staff is well versed in the graphics design process needed to build the designs you want.

We understand the value of your order, so, we try our best to make sure that all designs show perfection with its best details. We take care of details such as color separation, blending effect, black and white art line and half tone. We provide vector images with a few advantages. The great advantage of designing a vector is that it can be changed at any time. As they are detailed in each item, the color combination can be easily disturbed. Another advantage we provide with a vectored image is the lack of discipline in our products. Our designs have zero error in its details that make it suitable for printing with high resolution and low clarity. We have hired a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience to create and deliver work on time.

In most cases, logos are not available and customers prefer the display of hand-drawn art. We produce their hand-painted art with the same details as we do with old or new logos. You can put your trust in blindness in our ministry. We have trained professionals to deal with all kinds of problems and eliminate them in your life in the shortest possible time.

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OB Digitizers & Patches is one of the most popular companies in the country. Specializes in providing digital cut-rate embroidery.

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