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OB Digitzers & Patches is one of the most popular companies in the country. Specializes in providing digital cut-rate embroidery

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USA Office: 344 Grove St PMB 61034 Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: 20732-728-5737

Email: orders@obdigitizers.com

UK Office: 34 Arnull Crescent,Manchester,United Kingdom Phone: +0161-818-9859

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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, we do provide a free trial order. Customers are always welcome to send their desired logos for digitization. Feel free to contact us at our sales department at EMAIL or call us at (703) 349-5831 to place an order/quote or to get your queries answered.

Customers have the luxury to select an option among the two provided for placing an order. They can willingly choose the option that is more suitable for them.

First option:

The first option includes placing an order on our website. This option has a number of benefits. All you have to do is log in to your account on our website and place your preferred quote and order. Your order will be recorded for safety purposes. We upload orders in the section named as, “Order/ Quote Record”. We, also, provide invoice details. There are much more options to explore when ordering through the website. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our email at or call our customer support United States (703) 349-2270 in case your account information is slipped from your memory.

2Nd Option:

The second option involves the use of email to place an order or quote. This option requires you to specify all the necessary requirements of your design. The specifications made shall be in the following categories.

Size and Color:

The size and color of the logo should be specified.


The material of the fabric to be used shall be mentioned.


We mostly prefer to receive logos in JPG format, but we accept logos in other formats, too. These formats include TIF, CDR, BMP, PDF or AI.

Other Instructions:

If you have any further demands regarding your product, kindly send those in your email.

Our standard turn-out time is 8 hours. In the case of emergency, we complete orders before 8 hours provided the customer informs us at the time of placing an order. Customers will not be charged with extra charges.

It entirely depends on the type of editing you wish to be made. If it includes adding a new part to the original logo, letters or background then charges are made on the basis of additional stitching. However, most of the editing is completely free.

We understand the requirement of a number of formats which is why we offer all major formats that include EMB, EXP, HUS, XXX, POF and DST. You can always contact our customer support for more information via email digitize@usadigitizers.com or (703)349-2270

We accept payments made through cards that include credit cards, card VISA, master card. We, also, provide our customers to make payments through American Express. We send invoices for every paid order to our customers for safety purposes.

The designs you ordered to digitize will be sent to you via email after completion. The format of the file will be of your own choice. However, the standard format is DST file. Along with your design, we will send you a PDF file that will contain complete details of your desired design. To make things easier for you, we will attach the scanned original sew out that will be tied into the thread count.

We have hired a team of skilled and trained professional artists, who are working day and night to develop flawless designs. We make sure there are no errors that may ruin your experience with our brand. We try our best to make sure your orders are of high quality. In case you are not satisfied with your digitized design, let us know at any hour of the day or night. We will deliver you the improved version of it as soon as possible. You can always contact us at our customer support at digitize@usadigitizers.com or call us at (703)349-2270

No, there are zero chances of selling stock design as we respect our customers’ privacy and are firm protectors of our customers’ copyrights. The benefit of choosing us sets you tension free as we not only keep your designs confidential but also store them in case you lose them. Don’t stress about the misplacement of your designs, just ring us up on (703) 349-2270 or contact us at digitize@usadigitizers.com. We will resend it to you immediately.

Yes, we can digitize all of the above-mentioned embroideries.

Jpeg, bmp, ai, eps, cdr are the different types of formats that we prefer for sending and receiving information. However, customers are required to send font names before sending ai, eps or CDR files and send converted outlines. Our team has the ability to digitize from anything that you will provide. From handmade drawings to photographs to scanned garment, our designers will create excellent digitizers of it. Before finalizing the artwork, we send our customers a sample of the artwork for their approval.

Set out entirely depends on the embroidery machines. Two sew outs will still be quite different than each other even if they were made using the same digitizing file. We have concluded some factors based on our experience to find the causes of this difference.

  1. Needles and Thread
  2. Fabric Material
  3. Human skills
  4. Characteristics of Embroidery machine
  5. Brand of the Embroidery machine

We can customize sew outs to eradicate the difference produced in the by customizing the digitizing file

After making an account, make sure you remember the username and password. It is extremely necessary to update the payment screen and add credit card details. Only then will you be able to place an order.

Yes, we can surely digitize a rough artwork. Our employees will try their best to neat it up.

We believe in efficient service and therefore yes, your design is tested before it is sent to you.

Yes, your design can be digitized in a way that it only has letters in it.

We receive artwork in any size whatsoever.

Yes, our employees offer a free consultation regarding the designs to be digitized. You don’t have to stress about it if you are new at the job. Our management staff will be glad to help you out in your experience.

Yes, you have the right to request variations in the artwork. However, you have to be very clear and specific regarding the changes you want to make. Only slight changes are allowed.

You can request multiple sizes only if there is no editing or test stitching required. The first additional size won’t cost you any money. However, we will charge you for ordering further additional sizes.

Yes, you can submit your artwork in vector format. We will digitize your designs for you by 8 hours.

Yes, OB digitizers offer free registration. All you are required to do is fill out a simple form and activate your personal account. After registration, you can place your order, make payments and receive delivery.